Wednesday, December 10, 2014


It's that time of year again.  Yes, the holidays, but also the time for worrying about weight, body image, dieting, and lingerie.  Sound familiar?  Yes, I'm referencing the infamous Victoria's Secret fashion show.
Every year, Victoria's Secret puts on a televised fashion show of outrageous lingerie, worn by "perfect" models.  Last year, the company spent a reported $10 million (not including the 3 million dollar diamond covered bra worn by Miranda Kerr.) And every year, girls of all ages huddle around their televisions, eating their feelings and killing their self esteem, watching these waif-ish models strut down the catwalk.

Every year, girls sit in front of their televisions, regretting what they ate for dinner.  Promising themselves that they will go to the gym every day.  Researching new diet plans. Notice how there were no body-love comments while girls watched these 6' models walk half-naked.  I understand the appeal of the show, but it pains me that the show causes so many negative body-related emotions among women. 

The average American woman is 5'3.8" tall, with a waist of 37" and a weight of 166.5.  In contrast, the average model is at least 5'8", with a waist of 25" and a weight of 110.  This raises the question: will we ever see a "normal" model walk the Victoria's Secret runway?

I damn well hope so.

I also find it interesting that they picked Taylor Swift to perform.  Isn't it funny that they pick a girl who also has model-like proportions? I think it is because they know that no normal artist (say, Meghan Trainor?) could ever look normal next to the models.

What do you think?  How did you feel about the show?

xoxo Leena


  1. Thx for your comment honey :)
    I live near cologne..its 600 km far away from passau!
    I write in english and german because I feel like that the germans aren't that willing to give comments or even follow..don't know why...

    To be honest, I don't really understand the hype about the VS show, they are all really pretty but that all. Meghan Trainor would steal the raw-boned and skinny models the show :D

    Love, Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

    1. I think so too! Meghan Trainor is such an inspiration to young girls (and me!)

  2. this post is well reading :3

  3. i stopped watching it years ago! hahaha i love their night shirts and cosmetic bags. i even have some of their bras, but the whole angel thing has gotten boring to me.

    1. I'm really not sure why they still do the angel thing, but I agree that they have good products :)


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