Monday, December 22, 2014


Hi everybody!  Welcome back to another Music Monday!  As always, I hope you had a relaxing, stress-free weekend.  The holidays are upon us!  I was never really a fan of Christmas, but I love the joy and happiness that Christmas music brings people.  One of my favorite memories with my family is when we were riding in the car and we stumbled upon a Christmas station on the radio (keep in mind that this was in July) and we sang all the way to the beach!  Christmas music has a very special place in my heart.

Today's Music Monday comes from the group Pentatonix.  Pentatonix is a 5-person a capella group that started in Texas.  They originally started on YouTube, posting a capella covers of popular music.  Their channel blew up, and they kind of became famous overnight.  They have 6 studio albums out, three of which are Christmas music.

I really like Pentatonix because they have a really interesting, unique sound.  Also, being a choir girl myself, I like to hear the different styles and tones they use to create their music. Here's Pentatonix's cover of "Little Drummer Boy."

xoxo Leena

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  1. I love acapella and this group sounds really good. Thanks for introducing this to us!


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