Saturday, January 17, 2015


Mirror selfie ft. art
 Wow, my city is gorgeous 
 Selfie ft. art pt. 2
 Man or art exhibit?
 We're adorable 
 Really photogenic stairs?
 Elevator selfie
So I finally took Carson to the museum with me. It was certainly an interesting experience. I love going to the museum, mostly because I like to look at the modern art and the 60s-era furniture. I'm taking an AP Art History course right now, so I guess I've learned to appreciate art more. I just think it's really relaxing.

Carson had never been to the museum with me, so he was certainly in for a treat. Lucky for him, there was a giant jazz concert in the main wing, and he loves jazz, so he could listen while we walked. They were actually really good! 

After the museum, we went to dinner at Genki, the best noodle restaurant ever! It looks like a little hole in the wall, and is actually in a strip of nasty little bars, but the food is delicious. They have gourmet sushi and noodle bowls. Seriously, its delicious.

This week so far has been really stressful. For you non-Americans, junior year in American school is really hard. Not because the course load is vigorous, but because you have to get the highest possible GPA before you apply to college. I am hoping to get some pictures taken this weekend for future posts so that I can have those ready for y'all!

How have y'all's weeks been?

xoxo Leena


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